Sunday, May 4, 2008

Acts of God Target Evangelicals

With tornadoes in Virginia destroying homes, and hurricane season right around the corner, it is worth preparing for the claims from the wacky right that natural disasters are the work of the gods. Invariably these claims come with the reasoning that Gawd must be punishing this group or that for their behavior.

It is worth noting something about this reasoning. Tornadoes strike right across the Bible belt, from Oklahoma to Virginia. Hurricanes run along the Baptist Southwest, or into highly Christian Mexico. Yet atheistic (relatively speaking) New England and Canada are spared these fates. It seems the people attributing motives to natural disasters have got it backwards. Whatever is responsible for them apparently dislikes evangelicals. Perhaps the gods are pissed off at having the wrong words put in their mouths all this time.

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Anonymous said...

Not "punishing", rather "testing the faith"...