Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time for Superdelegates to Do Their Job

In the wake of embarrassing defeats in the presidential elections, the Democratic party enacted its own version of the electoral college to help steer their nomination process more towards party interests and less towards what one might call naive democracy. In short, it was made for exactly the situation that exists today.

The Democrats have one candidate, Barak Obama, who leads in every metric, states won, popular vote, and most importantly, the one that is supposed to count, committed delegates. Barring an untimely death or catastrophic scandal, he will be the Democratic nominee for president.

But then there is this other candidate, Hillary Clinton, who has decided that her interests are more important than the parties, and who has made it clear that she will pursue any argument, any strategy, and attack the inevitable candidate in any way that might give her the slightest chance of victory.

It is time for the super delegates to do the job they were created to do, pretend they have some balls, and end the Clinton charade right now. They should make a public announcement in support of Obama, the inevitable candidate, in their party's interests. This is not about who is the better candidate between the two. That argument is moot. The voters have spoken, and Obama has won the fight. Yes Hillary is a great fighter, but sometimes a great fighter cannot admit defeat and needs the referee to step in and end the fight for their sake, and the sake of others. In this case, that's the super delegates. Those that refuse to are reneging on their responsibilities, and ought to be stripped of them for future elections.

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