Monday, January 26, 2009

So Much for Country First

Remember "Country First", John McCain's motto? We were all supposed to put our personal differences and feelings aside, and put the interests of the country first. Then John McCain nominated the most unqualified ignorant VP nominee in the history of our nation on the most obvious motives of self-interest in lieu of interest to country. Yet his throng kept shouting "country first".

Well, if that wasn't enough to convince you that all that "country first" talk was just another disingenuous political ploy, take a look at these survey results on Worldnetdaily to the question:

"Do you think we should pray for Obama's failure as president?"

Now surely anyone who puts country first is going to want their president to do well. Does this need explaining? Those of us who were so critical of George Bush weren't so because we wanted him to fail, but because we wanted him to succeed and he kept failing!

Now here come the WND readers to show us how to put country first, even when it isn't their guy in the white house, right? Heh, WRONG! Here are the results so far:

"Yes, but also implore God's protection for our nation while Obama personally goes down to defeat 36%

No, we should pray for God's blessing and protection in spite of any harmful presidential agenda 14%

Yes, Americans need to wake up to the need for a leader of true godly values 11%

Yes, if Hitler were president, we obviously would not pray for his success 6%

No, because Obama's failure would mean America's failure 4%

Yes, Obama has shown he does not stand up for most of God's commandments 4%

Yes 4%

No, we should always pray for our elected leaders to succeed 3%

No 3%

No, whatever happened to love your enemies and pray for them? 3%

No, God is allowing Obama to be president, so we might as well pray for his success 2%

No, Farah has finally gone bonkers to suggest that, if he had not gone bonkers already 1%

Yes, the man is destined for failure 1%

Yes, but I admit it's difficult for me to pray for his failure 1%"

That's 63% praying for their own president to fail, 7% uncommitted, leaving only about 30% actually putting country first. So once again, its far more about partisanship than ideology with these people. They'll say X to get their guy elected, and then just as cheerfully scream not-X when it is the other way around. And they wonder why the GOP is having a hard time getting new members.


tangobaby said...

Sadly, this doesn't surprise me at all. I know some McCain supporters and while they haven't talked about praying for Obama to fail, they are sure salivating about the opportunity.

It's incredibly pitiful, isn't it?

paris parfait said...

First of all, World Net Daily should be referred to as WingNut Daily. And its audience members clearly are morons! We dodged a bullet with Palin.

ScienceAvenger said...


Yes, it is pitiful, and this rank hypocrisy is an issue that needs to be raised repeatedly with these clowns. They can't accuse their political opponents of being anti-American out of one side of their mouths while wishing ill out of the other side on American politicians who happen to be of a different political party or ideological bent as them.


Yes, if Sarah Palin served any useful purpose at all, it was to remind us to remain ever vigilent.

tangobaby said...

Well said, ScienceAvenger.

I really enjoy your blog because you help me to feel a little less crazy sometimes.

ScienceAvenger said...

Thanks Tango, it has the same effect on me. :)

Anonymous said...

"Now surely anyone who puts country first is going to want their president to do well. Does this need explaining?"

Yes it does.

If one believes his president has horrible plans for the country, then one should want his president should NOT do well IN THOSE AREAS.

Sadly, the various answers did not seem to include this one.

ScienceAvenger said...

That makes no sense. If a president has horrible plans and implements them (ie the last one) he's not gong to do well. On the other hand, if a president has plans that you think are horrible (Americans are extremely arrogant to think they are informed enough to know this), but implements them anyway, if you are pro-country, you should want him to surprise you and do well, not do poorly.

Anonymous said...

You made absolutely no distinction between having SOME horrible plans and having ALL horrible plans.

Doppelganger said...

According to my GOP Un-American Flip Chart, that means 63% of WND respondees are traitors...

Oh, wait - I didn't notice the addendum that came out in November nullifying all previous criteria for identifying Un-Americanism...