Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Arabic in our Airports!

A man completely minding his own business was told he had to change his clothing because he was making the other passengers uncomfortable. What was he wearing? A bomb? Something sexually explicit? A big smelly fur? Nah, just a t-shirt with (gasp!) Arabic writing on it!

Jarrar, a US resident, was apprehended as he waited to board a JetBlue flight from New York to Oakland, California, and told to remove his shirt, which had written on it in Arabic: "We will not be silent."

He was told other passengers felt uncomfortable because an Arabic-inscribed T-shirt in an airport was like "wearing a T-shirt at a bank stating, I am a robber,'" the ACLU said.

Sure, because we all know a huge proportion of people wearing Arabic on their shirts are terrorists. This is another example of a zero tolerance attitude amounting to zero thought. I wonder if the guy who made that comment thought Obama was an Arab too?

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