Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Sample from the Conservative Asylum

For a good understanding of how the 28% tick (those that would give W a passing grade regardless), check out the comments on this article discussing why that poor lying propagandist Ann Coulter is treated so poorly by, well, everyone who isn't in the Asylum. Note the rampant paranoia, lack of logical justifications, and boogie-man attitude towards those fictional "liberals" who are the cause of all ills. Note their continued insistence that Coulter is never rebuked with facts, when the reality otherwise takes little more than the ability to google "Coulter evolution" to find. This is what happens when people insulate themselves from actual information and pay attention only to that which reinforces their views. These are the same people that still believe Barack Obama never did anything in the senate:

" we all know, the left has no respect for life as the unambiguous bullhorn leaders for abortion at every stage and probably the future champions for euthanasia for everyone."

"Pravda aka The MSM (that's what I've taken to calling to the MSM from now on, since it seems content to be nothing more than a state organ for the Obama Administration in the same way that the original Pravda was a state organ of the Russian communist regime"

"i would tune in if someone stormed the stage and took the mike from one of these Liberal Slugs and/or smacked them in the nose.
I don't know their bosses, but they had better pay attention to the permanent damage these thugs are doing to this country. And by god that's a fact.They are creating a situation where ONLY a revolution will reverse it."

"You cannot be a hypocrite unless you have some principles and consciously violate those principles. Since Liberals only abiding principles are personal pleasure and personal comfort they cannot be hypocrites. Self sacrifice for a greater good is out the question for them."

"I can support your point about liberals being angry over beautiful conservative women. ...and the fact liberal females are butt-ugly."

"The problem liberals have with Coulter is that she’s right – and they absolutely hate the fact that they have no good counter-argument. I NEVER see anyone from the Left argue with what she’s said..."

"Every single objective study EVER conducted of news outlets have found FOXNews and Drudge Report to be the most "balanced" news outlets out there."

"Just because there are "millions" of Christian liberals out there doesn't mean your title makes any more sense. Kind of an oxymoron like saying you are a Nazi-Jew."

"Several trolls have said you can't trust Drudge. When one has the highest response to current events,it is natural that some stories are not always word for word."

"'all that is wrong with the republican party' is far worse in the democratic party where they start comparing people to hitler if they aren't whole heartedly in favor of a womans right to choose or some other liberal cause. "

"Go check the real facts and not what Huffy Puff, brainmovedon or commie Kos tells you. Dr. Demento Dean and fatman moore told you that you could make a difference like your hippie dad and protest, protest, protest. Well guess what? The technology these days is just a bit different and your buddies, you know, the throat cutters on video, can listen to what you say instantaneously. If FDR was president today you would already be shot for siding with them."

"You've been frolicking in the Goebbels style propaganda for the last eight years which included putting national security secrets on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NYT and WP. And anyone that participated in that should be in a cell. And I would prefer it to be with a terrorist. And as for Jan 20 I think we've already seen what were in for. This machine style will include Truth, Youth, Green and Food Squads."

"...every so often we do have to persue some false leads (Blago etc), since none of you idiots will connect the dots on any real ones (Reverend Wright, Ayers, Tony Rezko). He barely knew Ayers right? And he NEVER heard Wright spew racist, anti-American speeches.

You have proved yourself through your posts to be an anti-American slime. Not to mention a complete leming who will believe anything the democratic A-holes sell your way."

Amazing, isn't it? After getting their asses handed to them in November, they are still unwilling to admit defeat, unwilling to accept the reality that theirs is not the majority, or factual, view, instead inventing conspiracies and prattling on about nonissues like Ayers and ACORN.

There's a word for people whose predictions consistently fail to come true and yet refuse to alter their views, and it's not "scientist", or even "liberal".


Peter L. Winkler said...

"I can support your point about liberals being angry over beautiful conservative women. ...and the fact liberal females are butt-ugly."

I'd take old Jane Fonda, as she is right now over their standard bearer for conservative pulchritude, Ann "cockblock" Coulter. Talk about deluded.

ScienceAvenger said...

Yeah, thinking of really good looking conservative women is hard, though I'll give Palin her props for that. Still, I'd take Rachel Sklar or Kirsten Powers over most of them any day.