Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Obama Citizenship Conspiracy Theories

One by one the Supreme Court is saying "nahhhhh" to these silly Obama-isn't-a-citizen conspiracy theories. The conversations in the comments where the "birthers", as some are calling them, confront a knowledgeable audience, are well worth reading. Note how, as with all conspiracy theories, they have no evidence supporting their position. All they have are questions about the position they are attacking, a common disinterest in looking for answers, and a bizarre attitude that someones unwillingness to accede to their every rhetorical whim implies some sort of guilt. Indeed, that is all what makes conspiracies what they are. These are the very same people that don't see why the fourth and fifth amendments are important.

The best retort to them from those threads:

"You know, if Obama would just give us a blood sample and hair follicle and semen sample for DNA testing, we might be able to stop asking him so many questions about his authenticity.

I also hear he has the Islamic crescent & star (team logo) tattooed on his ass with his Kenyan birth UPC code, if he would just pull down his pants and end all the speculation, we could submit to his authoritah."

Satire is the best weapon when dealing with loons.


ScienceAvenger said...

Thank you for the compliment. Unfortunately I think little of conspiracy theories that lack solid evidence (ie The Wedge Document), and have little confidence in the concept of free energy, so I'm not sure I'd be a good fit for your group. But do comment again, I'm sure yours will be a unique perspective.

Anonymous said...

I think there's a conspiracy going on to delete my posts.

ScienceAvenger said...

No conspiracy Alex. With rare exception I delete any post that is little more than a link. If you have an argument to make, make it, and we'll have a discussion. If someone can't be bothered to take the time to type out their point, I'm not interested in chasing links trying to figure out what it was.

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of evidence presented regarding Obama's Natural Born Citizen Status and the issues surrounding it. But some of the needed evidence is not available because Obama has not made them available, like his Birth Certificate - as opposed to the Certification of Live Birth presented on the Internet. There have been conflicting statements made by relatives of OBama regarding where he was born and what hospital he was born in. The documents not released by Obama are not exactly state secrets, like his BC, his passport, his University Records, his Senate Records and so on. A proper vetting of a presidential Candidate is esential for our democratic process to work correctly. No vetting can occur if appropriate documents not released. The only certification of his eligibility that I have seen is by the DNC (Pelosi). After the allegations of conflicting stories about his place of birth, I have seen no additional investigation or certification verification by any official agency. Furthermore, the meaning of Natural Born Citizen has been debated by congress, and legal scholars. I have seen no resolution of this debate by any court rulings.

Anonymous said...

The only kind of conspiracy I can really get into (either to accept or reject) is the one in which I personally can check it out for myself. I have found one such conspiracy theory concerning Obama.
One can read his book "Dreams From my Father" and one can read "Fugitive Days, A Memoir" and decide whether, or how much, Bill Ayers helped Obama write "Dreams."

ScienceAvenger said...

Anonymous, all the claims you are making have been refuted all over the net, and in the thread I linked to previously, I suggest you read it. Most glaringly, the Birthers have been challenged to provide any hard evidence that Obama was born anywhere other than Honolulu (or for any of their other myriad assertions), and they produce a big fat goose egg. As with all conspiracy theories, all you have are questions, and paranoid self-contradictory ones at that. For example, some of you imply he was born in Kenya, others in Indonesia, and still others in Honolulu (he being disqualified in other ways). Which is it?

This isn't a murder defense, where you can use multiple contradictory lines of argument. You are challenging the rightly elected POTUS. Until you get a more coherent argument, and based on verifiable facts, rather than heresay from partisan political sights, you appear to be just a bunch of sore losers who will toss any shit on the wall to change the outcome, regardless of the potential damage to the nation. Shame sir.

ScienceAvenger said...

Alex, don't you get that William Ayers is a complete nonissue in this election and always has been? It was an attempt at smear by association that didn't work, was always evidence-free (though I don't expect the ID proponents pushing most of this stuff to understand what evidence is) and seemed completely laughable to those of us who dared ask: And?

That was the amazing thing about so many of these conspiracies the GOP propoganda machine churned out. The only retort needed was "So what?". Let's say for the sake of arguemnt that William Ayers ghost-wrote Obama's book. So what? Why should anyone care? What relevance does it have to anything regarding Obama being president of the United States?

There's no there there.

Anonymous said...

"Let's say for the sake of arguemnt that William Ayers ghost-wrote Obama's book. So what? Why should anyone care? What relevance does it have to anything regarding Obama being president of the United States?"

Some reporter once asked Obama what relationship he had with Ayers. He gave an answer. If that answer proves to be false, then he will have been shown to be dishonest. That's not an issue to you?

ScienceAvenger said...

Why should it be? Spell out your argument. I have no patience for Coulterish half arguments that are all insinuation and no logic.