Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You want Transitional Forms? A Brilliant Video

We've all heard the creationists claim there are no transitional fossils. Of course, they also don't ever suggest what exactly constitutes a transitional fossil, except when they mention a dog/cat mix and reveal their ignorance. Nevertheless, here is a wonderful video that goes through, in considerable detail, the transitional forms that are known, and all the traits that help us distinguish one group from another. You know, those are all the coincidentally (from a creationist POV) nested hierarchies that the creationists can't come close to explaining. Bonus points for slamming that idiot Kirk Cameron. Part II is here.

It is a testimont to the ignorance and intellectual dishonesty of the creationists that they keep parroting this claim in the face of such a mountain of evidence. One might, with equal justification, claim unintelligent algorithms can't produce intelligent results despite the existence of robots that produce exactly that. Oh wait, they deny that too. Some people just never let facts get in the way of their ideals.

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