Friday, March 21, 2008

Expelled from Expelled! Myers and Guest and ID Hypocrisy

Hollywood's best couldn't have written this one. PZ Myers, along with several friends and family decided to attend a free screening of the "Expelled" Intelligent Design propaganda film:

This was a private screening with no admission charge, and you had to reserve seats ahead of time; you also had to sign a promise that you wouldn't record the movie while you were there, and they were checking ID.

Apparently the Expelled guys were wary of this, given the screening was fairly close to PZ's home, and they had a cop remove PZ not only from the line, but from the premises as well. And this from the guys demanding fair, open, and honest debate! When was the last time anyone heard of a person being barred from viewing a film they were in!

But it gets better. They missed the grey-haired fellow from across the pond standing right next to PZ. That's right, Richard Dawkins passed unnoticed into the film, and was even able to participate in the post-film Q&A. Check out Kristine's account as well.

These bozos really blew this one. There's no way to spin this.

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