Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Homophobe Sally Kern: Idiot of the Week

For not only being a total homophobic ignoramus, but for adding more stupidity on top of that by allowing herself to be taped doing it, and having the audacity to complain about the taping (you're a public official, hello!) Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern gets this week's Idiot Award. And her rant was such a complete steaming pile of fetid faggot fallacies I think a detailed dissection is in order. For the record, I am, and always have been, a rabid heterosexual:

"The homosexual agenda is destroying this nation"

I find it interesting that the people who say things like this are also highly likely to say things like "America is the greatest nation on earth", which leads me to ask: how can we be both? We are the best, but we are being destroyed? Sounds a position on America that shifts per political convenience.

"I am not anti, I'm not gay bashing, but according to God's word that is not the right kind of lifestyle"

She's obviously a Billy Tubbs fan, who as coach of the OU Sooners basketball team, once said in a post game interview: "I don't want to criticize the officials, but they were terrible." Be honest Ms. Kern. You are most certainly gay bashing. You just think a 2,000 year old book of flat-earther sheepherder fables justifies it.

"It has deadly consequences."

Unsafe sex, not necessarily homosexual sex, risks deadly consequences. It would be good if someone near Ms. Kern reminds her that lesbians have a lower rate of STDs than heterosexuals do.

"The people involved in that have more suicides, they're more discouraged, there's more illness, their lifespans are shorter."

You really have to have some chutzhpa to demonize and otherwise make a group's lives as miserable as you are able, deny them personal and important rights the rest of us take for granted, and then tout their discouraged suicidal state and reduced lifspans as proof that you were right all along. I wonder if Judge Kern would, on the basis that he was an orphan, give leniancy to a child who murdered his parents.

"Studies show no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than a few decades"

This, lads and lesbos, is what we call Making Shit Up. What studies? Who conducted them? Where do they publish? What societies does she mean? What exactly does she mean by "last"? After all, Rome is still there, we just call them Italians now. What exactly does it mean to "totaly embrace homosexuality"? Has the US done so? If so, for how long must we do so and continue to "last" to disprove this notion? France is at least a decade ahead of us on this, how close are they? Her claim is so ill-defined it doesn't even rise to the level of being wrong.

"I honestly think it's the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam"

Whenever anyone says something like this, press them on specifics. Exactly what form does this threat take? Marriage? What damage to society, exactly, does allowing Chris and Pat to marry, even if their naughty bits match, do? I can't think of one way my life would change. Granted, the double tux wedding cake will take some getting used to, but I think we can handle it.

"They want to get our children into government schools so they can indocrinate young as two years of age...that the homosexual lifestyle is an acceptable lifestyle"

This lengthy rant was notable for the complete lack of clarity of exctly what is so wrong with that. On no other subject are the Religious Reicht so vacuous, and for a very simple reason. They think it's icky. Real icky. And a SIN! That's really all it takes. All these fact-free ratonalizations illustrate their internal need for tangible support (just like the creationists), but in the end it matters not to them.

"Gays are infiltrating City Councils"

OH MY GAWD! The queers are coming! The queers are coming! Heteros get elected. Homos infiltrate. Makes them sound like spies, like they are hiding some secret agenda. Sort of like, the creationists!

Did you know the Eureka springs city council is controlled by gays?

So? Got a problem with pink microphones? Too many flowers in the median? They making citizens sing and dance before speaking or something? I'll bet those councils are a lot more scientifically literate than average, and fashionable to boot. What's the downside?

It's deadly and it's spreading and it will destroy our young people and will destroy this nation

What on earth could she be talking about? HIV? Meth? One more season of American Idol? Sheer ignorance? NO! Homosexuals are the most dangerous thing out there. More dangerous even than them there Islamics.

Of course, the Muslims pretty much agree with you Ms. Kerr, on a lot of things. This one's for you.

Hat Tip PZ Myers, Ed Brayton

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