Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Creationist Stealth Candidate in Texas: Barney Maddox

All Texans able to vote in his district need to vote AGAINST Barney Maddox and FOR Pat Hardy for District 11 on the State Board of education. The creationist minority is trying to become a majority by running stealth candidates who refuse interviews or to be clear on what their agenda is. Barney Maddox is such a person, as this story makes clear.

Dr. Maddox is on record as referring to the theory of evolution as "a myth" and "a fairy tale." That will come as news to the vast majority of scientists, who tend to use words like "foundational principle" and "overwhelming evidence" when discussing evolution. Nevertheless, seven members of the 15-member State Board of Education have sought to muddy the water by introducing creationism into science classrooms in Texas. A victory by Dr. Maddox would give them a majority.

I would love to tell you more of what Dr. Maddox believes, but he doesn't do interviews. Several reporters covering the race have tried, but Dr. Maddox did not return phone calls.

Worse yet, he has outspent Ms. Hardy by an obscene amount:

Campaign finance reports give her cause for worry. My colleague Terry Stutz reported this week that Dr. Maddox has spent $61,203 in the last month and has $70,000 in loans to his campaign. Ms. Hardy has spent only $4,017 from $5,850 in contributions.

Everyone in Tarrant, Ellis, Johnson, and Parker counties needs to go vote for Pat Hardy, and send Barney Maddox back under whatever rock he crawled out from.

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