Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sir Salman Rushdie reveals what we are up against

Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses, and target of a fatwa due to his depiction of Mohammed which many Muslims found offensive, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. The reaction from the Islamic world was predictable, and yet, you really have to read the comments to believe them. It shows just how truly reality-removed much of the Islamic world is, and how truly opposed to our western values they really are. However bad Robertson and Falwell (all the demons rest his soul) were, their guys are even worse:

"Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said granting Britain’s highest honor to Rushdie, whose novel 'The Satanic Verses' sparked the death threat, insulted the Muslim world. His comments came during a time of especially tense relations between the Islamic republic and the West.

'Awarding a person who is among the most detested characters in the Islamic society is obvious proof of anti-Islamism by ranking British officials,' Hosseini said at his weekly press conference.

Here we see a classic cultist mindset: if you aren't with us, you are against us. I guess it passed Mr. Hosseini's notice that it just might be possible that Britain doesn't consider the opinions of non-Brits in the awarding of internal awards and titles. Do Islamic states consider the opinions of westerners in their appointments? Oh wait, thats right, we are infidels, we don't count. I keep forgetting that.

From Pakistan, where they are demanding Britain withdraw the knighthood, it gets even better:

"The 'sir' title from Britain for blasphemer Salman Rushdie has hurt the sentiments of the Muslims across the world. Every religion should be respected. I demand the British government immediately withdraw the title as it is creating religious hatred," Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sher Afgan Khan Niazi told the National Assembly.

So if someone refuses to censor their speech as you see fit, that makes them guilty of religious hatred? Quite an equivocation there Mr. Niazi. I guess the fact that other people might have different views eludes those like Mr. Niazi. Indeed, he continues:

"The West is accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism. If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to do so unless the British government apologizes and withdraws the 'sir' title," ul-Haq said, also urging Muslim countries to break diplomatic ties with London.

I see. So to counter the accusations that you are extremists, you are suggesting that someone be murdered because he portrayed a person long dead in a way you found objectionable. Uh huh. Anyone's irony meters still working? To put a cherry on top of this lunatic sundae, we go to Asim Dahr, a student leader from the group Jamiat Turaba Arabia:

"This queen has made a mockery of Muslims by giving him a title of 'sir.' Salman Rushie was condemned by Imam Khomeni and he issued a decree about his death. He should be handed over to the Muslims so they can try him according to Islamic laws."

The underlying theme here is clear, and it is not one from which we should let the bumbling in Iraq distract us. What we think of as tolerance of differing viewpoints in the West, our beloved freedom of speech and thought, is completely foreign to the Muslim world. They call it Apostasy, which can be punishable by death. Even suggesting doing away with apostasy can be interpreted as apostasy. They do not think we have a right to live as we do, believe what we believe, and say what we say. They believe we deserve to die for this. This is not some lunatic fringe as it is with American Christianity. In the Muslim world, this is the norm.

The only reason they have not enforced this code on the West is because they lack the means. Thus, they become terrorists to pursue this agenda as far as they are able. Paranoids have real enemies, as do those with incompetent leaders. To anyone with an open, tolerant mind, who seeks to know, to question, to understand, regardless of where the search leads, the Muslim world is your enemy. They would kill you if they could. Never forget that.


Anonymous said...

Good one, of course the very peaceful Muslims are justified for destroying the whole world over this. What, the Queen can't Knight someone she likes? She can't knight someone that other people don't like? This incident will lose the terrorists even more of their dhimmidiot appeasers.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
appease religious killers

continue to spoil them
violent tantrums pay off

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between the freedom of speech and offending others.Can you tell me how Jewish people would tolerate comments about holocaust?

ScienceAvenger said...

Not really. Freedom of speech is there in part to defend speach some find offensive. As for the Jews and comments about the holocaust, there was recently an exhibit made in direct response to the Danish cartoons of Mohammed, and for the express purpose of making offensive (to the Jews) comments about the holocaust. I don't recall anyone calling for violence against the organizers or participants.

In a nutshell, the problem with the Muslims is that their standards of what constitutes offense runs across the lines of what we in the West consider common everyday behavior. It is a true clash of cultures.

Anonymous said...

Bearing in mind that Islam performed a few Holocausts itself on the Greeks, Armenians and the Punjab Sikhs, I think that the comment two up is probably written by someone who has never read a history book in his life.

http://www.faithfreedom.org/challenge.htm no-one ever fulfilled in this challenge. What does that tell us?

Anonymous said...

and how many holocausts do christians have performed?

Anonymous said...

If no one can discuss the *reality* of holocaust because Jewish feelings will be hurt, then how can you hurt feelings of billions of Muslims?

ScienceAvenger said...

As has been stated previously, we CAN discuss the holocaust. There is no parrallel here. The only large religious group in the world who thinks they have a right to inflict violence on those who disagre with them is the Muslims. In the other major religions, such people are the fringe minority.

Anonymous said...

Its pretty obvious this is the sort of response you would get.
However I can see how they find it offensive, and the knighthood does not help!
But seriously, it's like asking for another terrorist bombing, when will we ever learn.