Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Save the Planet: Uncycle

A lot of people have asked me whether I recycle. I do not. It's not because I think it doesn't do any good, or that we don't need to conserve, or that the process of recycling can be more environmentally damaging than not doing so. It's just not a habit I've been able to pick up. I'm a good old fashioned conservationist, but no one uses that word any more, so I call what I do "uncycling". Rather than use something and recycle it, I just don't use it in the first place. I find it much more satisfying than delivering goods to the recycler. It can be as simple as not letting the checker at th grocery put your one item in a bag. Why put bread in a another bag? Or avoiding driving across the street when walking will do. It's easy, everyone can do it, and it makes a difference.

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