Wednesday, June 6, 2007

More Guillermo Gonzales: Sometimes ID is Sad

Over at Thoughts from Kansas, Josh and the gang were having a little fun at the IDers expense. Davescot made a post comparing Gonzales' treatment at the hands of the ISU tenure committee to the victims of the holocaust. Josh makes an interesting point that downplaying the holocaust is a form of holocaust denial.

But I'm really focused on the IDers. Anyone else think sometimes these guys aren't really funny any more? I mean, like, maybe they ought to get therapy? How would you like to be Davescot's dad? Would your son's posts make you start wondering about an intervention? "Okay Dave, your mother and I don't think you should play with your ID friends any more."

I'm serious - the compulsive lying, goofy ideas, quote mining, shrill rhetoric and ridiculous comparisons, paranoia, isolation, martyr complexes, and of course the obsession with anal orifi and their expulsions. Sound like a happy hunka grey matter to you? It's like the Raelians meets Beevus and Butthead. Are there any psychiatrists in the house?

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Oberon said... us nutballs.