Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tom Delay Joins the Idiot Brigade

Chris Matthews just had Tom DeLay on Hardball, and asked him about Mike Huckabee's embarrasing answer to the evolution question at the Republican debate. This was depressing in so many ways.

First off Mr. Huckabee, it is not a choice between the gods and evolution. There are plenty of believers who also accept evolution. Their gods are not so small as yours that they cannot withstand a universe where evolution occurs. Secondly, humans did not descent from primates...we ARE primates (97% chimp).

But Delay, my goodness. How can anyone believe anything this man says? Before I saw who it was and could only hear him, I thought he was a backwoods preacher. Phony to the bone.

And of course he actually, in public, stated that he did not believe in evolution. I share Chris Matthews' chuckling reaction, "I cannot believe we are having the Scopes trial all over again in the 21st century". Then Delay said this:

"His faith has nothing to do with his religion, it is who he is."

OK, this guy was elected to congress in the 21st century? I can't take any more.

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