Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time Tree - the Ultimate Family Tree

Now here's a geneological tree I can get into: the entire living world.

So when did humans split from:

Chimps - 6.3 million years ago
Baboons - 30 mya
Dogs - 98 mya
Rabbit - 103 mya
Crocodiles - 324 mya
Ants - 2,500 mya

Hat tip: ERV.


parakeet said...

Although I enjoy looking at the Tree of Life, I always expect there to be some evolving of that tree:

parakeet said...

I guess it would be silly to point out that humans didn't split from ants 2500 mya, but rather the fork that eventually LED to humans split that long ago.
Yeah, too pedantic.

parakeet said...

Funny, I wasn't even looking for this! -->

Humans related to orangutans, not chimps, says new Pitt, Buffalo Museum of Science study