Friday, June 12, 2009

Casey Luskin's Dishonesty Exposed, DI attempts Censorship

Someone has taken Casey Luskin's one-way interview on Fox (aren't they supposed to be fair and balanced) and spliced in corrections to Luskin's distortions. The DI (or someone in the organization) has attempted to get these videos removed, so I'm posting them here so everyone can see them, and what a dishonest little toad Luskin is, before that happens. Enjoy:

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parakeet said...

"Expect to find excerpts ripped out of context and presented as evidence that ^^ biologists are deserting the theory of evolution en mass. They are not." - New Scientist

The above statement was in the first video. I can see the first half of sentence being true (the part before the ^^) but I don't see the part after the ^^ being true. I haven't seen any Creationist make such a wild claim.