Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good News from Florida, and the Simple Question that can stop the Nonsense!

Good news from Florida. The Highlands school board broke with the recent trends of the phallic state and tabled an anti-evolution resolution after 10 citizens spoke against it. The statements presented the usual refutatoins of the creationist canards, but the knockout blow was this refreshingly direct approach by James Broen, a Ph.D. in microbiology and a parent of three students in the school district:

"There is a lot of distortion, misrepresentation and misinformation about science and biology circulating about this community and apparently it permeates this board to some degree," he said. "Clearly there is a deficiency in science literacy and it would be a shame to see it perpetuate with students in this county."

The evolution of all organisms that live on earth today from ancestors that lived in the past is at the core of many science disciplines, Broen said.

Concerning the proposed resolution and the teaching of alternative theories, he asked the board, "what theories are you advocating being presented in the scientific curriculum?"

After a pause, Hancock replied, "I don't think you are going to get that answer."

Broen said, "since the resolution states there are other theories to be presented to the student, yet the board members have failed to produce them, then it seems this resolution must be discarded."

That's the approach that these nitwits need to be confronted with at all these meetings. You want alternative theories taught? Fine, then you must have some idea of what those theories are, and you should be proud to inform us all. What? You don't want to tell us what is so important for the children to hear? That wouldn't be because what you have in mind is mind-numbingly bad science and a violation of the first amendment now would it?

Of course it is.

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