Saturday, February 16, 2008

Florida Oranges and Looking forward to a Heavenly Death

Via Dispatches comes this gem of a quote from a creationist speaking at the Florida science standards debates.

"Now I have in my hand an orange. I was about to eat this orange yesterday, but before I did I sat down and read about this evolution stuff. I learned that this orange is actually my first cousin. I didn't want to eat the orange no more. So now I'm going to give it to you people on the committee, and you can eat it if you want. But if you do decide to eat it, it shows that you don't believe in this evolution either. And we shouldn't be teaching our kids something no one believes."

I wonder if he puts peanut butter on his oranges and bananas? It fun when all you have to do to win a debate is to let your opponent talk, and since that's all this took, I won't bother with the science side of this. But I will show how the speaker doesn't apply his argument consistently.

For example, good Christians believe they go to heaven after they die, and that paradise is far more pleasant than what we have here. So if I take a loaded gun and place it to your head and threaten to kill you, this is going to make you happy right? You'll be glad to be going to heaven, right? No? Then I guess you don't believe in this heaven either. And we shouldn't be teaching our kids something no one believes.

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