Friday, November 23, 2007

We have found the Designer, and He is Bigfoot!

OK, I'm kidding. But that might as well have been the title of this announcement of the addition of a new Senior Fellow at that hotbed of super secret ID science, the Discovery Institute:

Michael Medved, movie critic, and bigfoot enthusiast.

A movie critic...
who believes in bigfoot...
senior fellow...
of a scientific organization.

Sorry, I can't say that without stuttering. These people are supposed to be marketing geniuses, and they do this? First evolution denial, then global warming denial, and now bigfoot? Who besides their sycophants isn't laughing?

In the spirit of the Discovery Institute's idea of what consitutes science, I hereby make the following nominations for DI fellow:

John Mack (postumously), for his work on alien abductions.

John Hutchison, creating of the Hutchison Effect.

Uri Geller, who obviously has discovered new laws of physics.

Tom Cruise, for his amazing insights into psychology.

These accomplished people will live up to the stratospheric standards of DI scholarship.

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