Monday, November 12, 2007

Anti-Global Warming Hoax

Apparently a few anti-science bloggers got nabbed by this hoax of a paper claiming to disprove anthropocentric global warming. Even Rush Limbaugh got nailed.

This really illustrates two things. First, anti-global warming skeptics are not really skeptics at all. Note their consistent lack of skepticism towards certain 2,000 year old myths. They do not want AGW to be true, and will promote anything that promises to support that view. Second, it shows how sloppy and uneducated they really are. One glance at the gibberish formulas from the paper like this:

"Q³uct + 3Ψ = XFº x Δjy {(∑y,ct79 + θtq-1)- λjc +2}


should have been a tip off to anyone that this was a hoax. But the anti-AGW folks like Limbaugh, just like the evolution deniers, can't be bothered to understand what they criticize. Anything that meets with their agenda will do.

For those curious, here is an interview with the hoaxer.

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this isnt helpin with our science project! please update with language for a teenager! blud! x