Friday, November 16, 2007

Olbermann/Cuban Flatten O'Reilly

In a move worthy of song and story, Bill O'Reilly has chosen to make Mark Cuban the latest target of his ire, for daring to have opinions that differ from O'Reilly's (ie, accept reality). Does O'Reilly have any idea who he is dealing with? Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks, figuratively gave the NBA establishment the finger, and thanked the league commisioner for fining Cuban a record amount. This is who O'Reilly has chosen to target for attack? Good luck Bill, you'll need it. Mark Cuban has more money, more intelligence, more balls, and more integrity than you ever had, and you are adding to it. Cuban's already thanked O'Reilly for the added publicity for what was doomed to be a very small film.

For more detail, here are Olbermann and Cuban tag teaming to take O'Reilly apart. The highlight: O'Reilly calling for Mavericks fans to wear t-shirts that say "support the troops" to the next game in the hopes that Mark Cuban will "get the message". The punch line is worthy of Hollywood: That very night has, for some time, been dubbed "Texas National Guard Greenout Night", where the Mavericks and the Texas National Guard are going to hand out green t-shirts for the fans to wear, with a guard slogan, to show support for the troops, on a nationally televised game.

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