Saturday, October 13, 2007

Worldwide Abortions on Decline due to Birth Control:Lancet Study Repudiates Abstinance Programs

In another blow to the faith-based communities evidence-free positions on birth control and abortion, two Lancet Medical studies show that abortions are on the decline worldwide, and that the relationship between use of birth control and abortions is a positive one:

"Two studies published on Friday show abortions are declining worldwide due to wider use of birth control practices...

The number of abortions fell most in developed countries where it is legal compared to poorer countries where it is largely banned and considered unsafe, the researchers said."

And what happens in countries where it is banned, as the Family Values crew would like it?

"'Each year, about 70,000 women die due to unsafe abortion and an additional five million suffer permanent or temporary disability,' Paul Van Look, director of the WHO's department of reproductive health and research, said in a statement."

Now there's a great family value: denying safe abortions so the mother of the family ends up dead or disabled. It's just one more fact for the faith-based crew to ignore.

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