Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pelosi's Cowardice on Iraq

In 2006, the United States had a referendum on the war in Iraq, and the people spoke loudly and consistently at the polls: Get us out of there! As a consequence, Democrats were elected by the truckload in one of the worst beatings for a sitting president's party in recent memory.

Yet almost two years later, we are still in Iraq, with no end in sight, and the Democrats are still talking like the minority party, especially Nancy Pelosi. Her recent comments display a shocking cowardice, as she puts politics above doing what she and her party were put in power to do, with men and women far braver than she dying every day for nothing as a result. She knows the base is unhappy, and she has to deal with ever-more-vocal protesters at her door, and yet her words reveal a politico, not a leader:

"The war has eclipsed everything. And while I am very proud of the ratings that Democrats have on every issue you can name, I don't disagree with the public evaluation that we have not done well in ending this war"

Ratings? RATINGS? You were not placed 2 heart attacks from the presidency to collect ratings ma'am. You were put there to enact the will of the voters, which means ending the damned war. Yes your constituents are getting angry about you not doing so, and are likely to turn on you if you do not get your act together. Her response?

"I think it is a waste of time for them to go after Democratic members. They ought to just persuade Republican members who are representing areas that are opposed to the war," she said. "We said we would change the debate; we would fight to end the war. We never said we had the veto pen or the signature pen."

No, you control the purse strings, and that would be enough if you had the courage to do the right thing instead of playing politics. What Madam Speaker is doing here is simple politics. She knows the Republicans made this mess, and as long as the Democrats do nothing, and let the Republicans bumble on as they have, the Republicans will get the blame for whatever goes wrong, and it is only a matter of time before the situation gets completely out of control. Doing the right thing by getting us the hell out of there right now, risks the Democrats getting some dirt, blood and blame on their hands. So like a football team ahead with time running out, Pelosi and company keep kneeling on the ball, awaiting certain political victory, while brave people die. How many are likely to die? Consider this chilling statement:

"It is clear now that the Senate is not going to be able to do much to overcome the 60- vote barrier that would send a bill to the president's desk. But that does not mean the House will not move to … responsible, safe redeployment of our troops, hopefully to end by next year"

The end of next year?! Are you deranged Madam? People are dying in Iraq by the thousands every month, and you want to wait a year before doing anything? How convenient the timing, since that would be right after the 2008 elections, where Pelosi and company hope to have attained control of the White House as well via their inaction today.

No statement of Pelosi's illustrates this pussified attitude than this one:

She agreed with those who say the Iraq war is being fought without equality of sacrifice. But responding to recent legislative proposals for a war tax, she said, "I don't support a draft, and I don't support a war tax."

In other words, you admit there are things that are wrong, but you refuse to do anything about them. Why not a war tax? Why not pay now for what we choose to do with our government. Isn't tax and spend (as opposed to borrow and spend) the way of the Democrats? Why the sudden change of heart? Politics, pure politics.

"This isn't Democrats being concerned about the next election."

Yes it is Nancy, and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. And don't complain any more about the reputation Democrats have of being soft. You earn it every day you dodge your responsibilities in Iraq.

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