Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Faking Faith to avoid Vaccines: Just how does one fake that

Here is a marriage made in Hell. Anti-vaccination loons are pretending to be Christian loons to get out of vaccinating their children.

I have always maintained that religious exemptions are baloney, because they only apply de facto to religions with political power. If your religion says you should do peyote or smoke marijuana, well, that doesn't count. But what I want to know is what keeps everyone from pretending to have religion (sounds like a disease, doesn't it?) whenever it gets them out of whatever it is they want to get out of? It's not like you can prove they don't believe. They could have had a conversion a few moments ago. Hell, maybe the reason they converted really is to get out of vaccinating their kids! On what basis can anyone assert that is not the case? The article speaks of "genuine religious objection". Can someone please enlighten me as to what makes a religious view genuine? It's an absurdity.

The idea of religious exemptions is absurd. Want to avoid a law? Make your claim religious. Sorry, I'm a High Priest of the Notaxist Church, so you can't tax me. It's pandering to a political base, plain and simple.

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Anonymous said...

Saw your Blog and felt it necessary to comment. The issue is not religious exemption. The issue is protecting our childrens brains from toxic waste. If a religious exemption keeps my child from becoming a science experiment, I will do whatever it takes to protect my family. That being said, I have researched data from the CDC, NIH, and the IOM to name a few and there is enough information available to question the efficacy of vaccines. If science is what you seek, I leave you with a taste...

1.There are NO studies that compare vaccinated kids to un-vaccinated to see who's healthier in the U.S.
2.If you have your child vaccinated according to the current U.S. schedule, your child will have over 120 antigens injected into their immature little bodies.
3.No other industrialized country vaccinates as much as we do here in the U.S.
4. If the vaccination program is working why are Americans sick with more auto-immune disease, cancer, upper-respiratory disease, and cognitive dysfunction?

From 1915 to 1958, before the measles vaccine was introduced, the measles death rate in the U.S. and Great Britain had already declined on its own by 98%. Source: International Mortality Statistics, 1981.