Saturday, May 9, 2009

Santa Barabra Wildfire Rages: Amazing Photos

The Santa Barbara wildfires continue to rage, and you can view some amazing photos here. My favorites:

That's the fire, not the sun. What a depressing way to start the morning.

Hey there's...where my house...was. That must be an unbelievable feeling.

OMG, Jesus is in the fire! No, that's the flames through the cracks in a burning house. There are at least 75 destroyed, and its far likely the number will be far greater.

The rescue helicopter is dwarfed by the monster.

Contrary to popular mythology, animals do not have magical abilities to escape, and sometimes they join us as victims.

Try to imagine waking up in the house on the right and this being the view.

Here's your "holy shit" moment.

Bravely run away!

Do you feel puny yet? I keep hearing George Carlin in my head saying "ask those people in Pompei, frozen into place, whether they feel like a threat to the planet today...The planet isn't going anywhere...we are!"

Apparently the palm trees explode. Nice.

Save Ginger and Mary Ann!

I love the smell of California burning in the morning...not.

That's molten aluminum.

Here are your real heroes. Sure, it's their job, but come on: would you have that job? You gotta love the beast to charge in there. Let's hope they all live to fight another day.

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