Saturday, May 30, 2009

How to Respond When You're Told You Hate America

A commenter named Fred on this Townhall post put it perfectly how we should respond to those who'd accuse us of hating America merely because we disagree with them:

"I was about to ask you the same thing - why do YOU hate this country so adamantly and completely?

You hate the government, you hate the people who voted for the government, you hate those who support the government, (the majority of Americans) you hate the country's laws, you hate everybody who doesn't agree with you, you hate newspapers and media, all run by other Americans, you hate everybody who doesn't share your religious convictions, you hate teachers, intellectuals, writers, Democrats, philosophers, basically you hate every American and every American institution that isn't a mirror of your own warped perceptions. The only people you seem to admire are those who hate America even more than you do, or who can express it better.

All you ever do in this barrel of hate-swill called Town hALL is spend your God-given time on earth expressing your hatred of America and Americans, or supporting America haters like Rush limbaugh or Ann Coulter who make alot of money telling you that you're absolutely right to do so."

I can't improve on that, except to reproduce the first response he got from an intellectual named GunnyG:

"I would explain it to you but you liberals are too stupid to understand or YOU WOULD NOT BE LIBERALS!

Ol Purple Lips is attacking the Constitution, the Free market, Capitalism, and our way of life, i.e., things like the 1st Am and 2d AM, raising our taxes to payoff his cultists, and we're supposed to like it?


And they wonder why they can't seem to persuade anyone that they aren't a bunch of ignorant loons tightly gripping their gods and guns. Read the entire exchange: it's highly amusing watching those angry, deranged people get called for what they are on their own home turf. It reminds me of going to a Walter Mondale rally on my college campus, and we Reagan supporters had them outnumbered even there. It spells the same doom. 2010 can't get here fast enough.

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