Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your God Delusion Index

It's a little slow to get going, but this video is worth a few laughs, and is refreshingly blunt.

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Legolasland said...

I'm sure that if you tried to analyze the questions and conclusions with an unbiased eye, you'd find a number of problems with the questionnaire. Subtle problems. Though many of the questions were worded just fine, quite a few did not lend themselves to a definite yes or no answer, but rather, "sort of, but not exactly, umm, can you reword that, it's too loaded."

Personally, I thought that questions 2 and 3 were repetitive, but I suppose one can argue that each one was needed.

Also, if 0-45 is normal, how does one define normal? Obviously it has nothing to do with the percentage of people holding in that range. I guess he gave it his own, "abnormal," definition. heh.

Finally, one can tell that the creator of the video had in mind Christians specifically, ignoring other faiths. It's hard to prove, but I get a strong sense that it's true anyway.