Thursday, August 6, 2009

The New Guitarists

There is a whole new breed of guitar players out there who are using innovative techniques to get sounds out of their instruments that would make Jimi Hendricks envious, so I thought I'd give a few of my favorites a plug:

Andy McKee
Antoine Dufour
Don Ross and Andy McKee
Antoine Dufour wth Tommy Gautier,
Dufour and Gauthier getting a wee bit silly with an old Jerry Reed tune,

and possibly the best of the bunch, Erik Mongrain, here and here.

They were all apparently influenced by a guy named Michael Hedges, who was experimenting with tapping/slapping techniques and harmonics back in the late 80's, and is absolutely mesmerizing to listen to.

"I feel I can always hear his heart when he plays. He respected my playing too, and that simply thrills me." – Pete Townshend


memphisto said...

Hedges has been around for quite a while and while listening to his music is amazing, watching him play it is downright astounding. It's like an alien found a guitar and figured out how to play it without ever having seen one played.

Anonymous said...

A friend introduced me to Michael Hedges' music years ago; he always said that listening to Hedges made him want to wander into the forest with his guitar, subsisting on nothing but bugs and twigs, until he could play as masterfully as Hedges.

Thanks for sharing these.

Alex said...

Think you'll like this assortment of slapping tapping guitar songs:

ScienceAvenger said...

Nice additions Alex, I've added them to my rotation. Couldn' have said it better guys.

Fallsroad said...

Hedges was a brilliant, innovative player. His untimely death was a great loss to music.

I've always wondered if he might have had a wider audience if he had been distributed on a label other than Windham Hill?

Si said...

Amazing guitar stuff thanks for posting this. Have you heard Rodrigo Y Gabrilla – amazing guitar players – more flamenco but incredible stuff Also for guitar stuff Matt Stevens is good – instrumental again – worth a listen Erik Mongrain is class.