Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unbelievable Touchdown Pass

If you think you've seen everything that can happen on a football field, guess again, and watch this. I don't think it was planned (who'd be insane enough?), but even if it was, it was an amazing play.


Anonymous said...

Just caught up with your comment on the Questionable Authority (Dec. 1 about Dr Egnor).

I don't cut & paste. Your answer is irrelevant to my remark about how you wd lose yr "friends" if you dared question or even think about evolution.

ScienceAvenger said...

It relevant in revealing that your post was devoid of any evidence that you had read the thread. That there is nothing in the thread that resembled what you said solidified the case. It was just that tired, simplistic downright childish assertion that any namecalling or nastiness must, and only must, be caused by lack of confidence in what you are arguing. Counterexamples abound, and the irony is that the most obvious are arguments with small children, who can drive one mad, and to nastiness and anger, simply by their consistent density and lack of intellectual rigor.

Evolution deniers argue like children, and your post was a Grade A example of that.

Anonymous said...

You'll be happy to know that I agree completely with you! That play was amazing. I've seen that kind of move in basketball many times, but never in football.