Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is Hillary Rocky Balboa and What That Means for Democrats

In criticizing the notion that she should end her candidacy for president, Hillary Clinton drew a comparison to Rocky Balboa getting half way up the stairs on his famous run and deciding that was enough. "That's not the way this works" she said. Is Hillary Rocky, and what does that mean for the Democrats.

Now analogies always have their weaknesses, especially when drawn to fictional characters, but it is illustrative of Hillary Clinton's mindset to follow this analogy to its fullest. Rocky Balboa was a long shot against Apollo Creed, just as Hillary is a long shot now against Obama, and worked like no one before in preparation for the fight. Despite being battered and bleeding, he fought to the very end...

...and lost.

Worse yet for the analogy, Rocky left his victorious opponent in a similar condition of physical distress. Apollo was unlikely to win another match soon scheduled with a fresh opponent unencumbered by the results of such a battle. History suggests this is what will happen to the Democratic victor of this 15 round primary, and it is unlikely to be Hillary.

Aside for the 22nd Amendment, there is another, more important reason Hillary Clinton should not be president. Power is one of those parts of reality that are best dealt to those that don't want it. Hillary wants it bad, badly enough to attempt to cheat (Florida and Michigan) to get it, badly enough to risk a civil war in her party if Democratic Super delegates veto the popular delegate vote, and badly enough to cause her party to lose the general election with help from the damage she did for them. People who want power that badly shouldn't have it, regardless of what other qualifications they may have.

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