Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Expelled has a Poll, no Wait, they Didn't

As if we needed more evidence that the Expelled gang were what George Orwell had in mind, they had a poll on their Myspace page on whether or not Intelligent Design should be taught in schools. That is, until they started losing, and badly, at which time they pulled the poll.

But some of us still have it.

Hat tip: Greg Laden


Greg Wright said...

Oh, come on. You guys aren't serious, are you? The Pharyngula crowd crashed the poll. Did you really expect it to stay up?

Isn't there plenty of substance to crow about without stooping to this kind of sillyness?

ScienceAvenger said...

I agree it is silly, but in all fairness, we don't know exactly what proportion of the 420,000+ no votes were Pharyngula readers, and the fact that it only garnered <1,000 yes votes gives me cause for hope.