Monday, December 17, 2007

My Afternoon with Crazy Radio

On a recent business trip, I had the misfortune of getting out of radio range with no CDs, and when that happens, I like to tune in to crazy radio to see what's out there. Brief as it was, it is crazier than even I could have imagined.

First up was an interview with Sean Hannity and the King of Crazy, Alan Keyes. I'll give Hannity some credit for actually trying to counter the crazy, but he gave up what little high ground when he agree with Keyes comment that went something like this (I paraphrase from memory):

"The next president must have the proper position on all of the critical areas of government. Any weakness in any one of them will lead to our destruction."

WHAT?! Lead to our destruction? How? What in the world has gotten into the grand old party that this sort of Chicken Little squeeling is considered reasonable?

Let's put this in perspective. 9/11 was the terrorist's wet dream, the creme de la creme of their, ahem, accomplishments. Now imagine a 9/11 every week. And imagine that Americans stopped reproducing and we managed to stop all immigration. At that rate, America would be destroyed in...

2000 years.

Digest that. A one time event, the worst of its kind, that, were it to happen weekly, would wipe us all out in 2,000 years, has led to mainstream politicians and their wonks agreeing that we live on the verge of desruction. Teddy Roosevelt is turning over in his grave.

Then came a chattering airhead named Mark Levine. I'm told this man has a nationally successful show. If that is true, then America has indeed sunk lower than the low, for his show is all bluster and vitriol, and no substance. He's Ann Coulter with testicals. Among other bizarro claims, he accused congressmen who resist the idea of Americans torturing accused criminals and terrorists of being traitors and other shrill nonsense.

I recommend every left-of-center reader here to go listen to these yoyos periodically. It is important to know what, and if, those people think, because believe it or not, they have a lot of influence on our political landscape.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah it really is that bad out there. Superstition abounds, and half the country thinks Jesus is coming back any year now. And... there's an excellent chance that Huckabee could be the next President.