Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Christmas Story: My Little Airport Evangelist

I was sitting in an airport at the end of a gruesome business trip, and was in a very foul mood. Several of us were scattered across the chairs on the aisle, down which this little blonde girl was skipping. She looked to be about 5, and she was stopping by each person and asking them if they knew about God, and chatting about it before moving on to the next potential convert. Her mother was watching from a short distance, beaming ever so proudly.

Not being in the mood for this in the slightest, and ever annoyed at people who let their lovely children bother those of us who clearly chose not to have our own, I concocted a plot Mom would like none too much.

When the little girl got to me, and asked me if I knew about God, I smiled and said "Yes, I do. Do you know about Santa Claus?" She smiled and nodded her pretty little head. "Good" I said. "They kind of go together don't they?". More nods. "Santa and God, Santa and God, just remember that."

About this time it dawns on Mom that her baby was speaking to an evil evil man, and swooped in, took the little girl by the arm, and whisked her away with a glare and a soft admonition to her about not bothering the man. A gent near enough to hear chuckled, another huffed at me.

"The man" had a mighty laugh, and returned to his nap, secure in the knowledge that the seeds of doubt had been planted, and that one Christmas some 15 years hence, a young girl home from college was going to announce over Christmas dinner, to her stunned Christian family's amazement, that she is an atheist, and she doesn't believe in God or Santa or anything like that any more. And Mom will think of the man in the airport.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?


Harriet said...

I have a daughter who just turned 13. She got me a Flying Spaghetti Monster t-shirt for my birthday.


(she doesn't try to convert people to the FSM, as she is an Invisible Pink Unicorn sort of gal...)

Anonymous said...

A gent near enough to hear chuckled, another huffed at me.

Ummm, the one that chuckled... he didn't happen to have a big belly and a white beard did he? I'm just sayin...

Harriet said...

This might be a bit late, but you'll enjoy the cartoon on this blog

It goes right to your story and to what you told that cute little evangelist. :-)

ScienceAvenger said...

That's fabulous.