Friday, August 12, 2011

Best Comment on the Downgrade

From a tweet whose source I've forgotten:

"The Tea Party has been downgraded to KK+"


Miranda said...

And these people are perfect examples:

pradeep said...

I had contacted you in the past on blogging for Scienceblogs and you had told me that they turned you down since you didn't have a publication history. Now that most of the top people from Scienceblogs (PZ Myers, Ed Brayton, etc.) have move on over to FreeThoughtBlogs, have you given any thought on joining them and gaining a larger audience and an income by your efforts?

ScienceAvenger said...

I had, but I just don't have time to blog any more, and frankly have been disillusioned by the ever-declining intellectual and moral level of public discourse. When a blithering loon like Rick Santorum is treated like a serious candidate for the highest office in the land, it's time for me to spend my time doing something else.