Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Townhallers on Race and GOP - Revealing More than they Realize

Michael Medved wrote a surprisingly lucid article on the demographic problems facing the GOP with regard to race. While John McCain got considerably more white votes than Obama, Obama's 4:1 demolition of the GOP ticket among nonwhites sealed the deal. Those demographics will work more to the Democrats' advantage with every passing year, and Medved rightfully sounds the alarm for changes to the GOP to take this reality into account.

Predictably, many of those who criticized Medved did so in a way that made pretty clear just what the problem is:

"Note that the illegal/legal distinction is relatively unimportant, since the two population are quite similar -- we're mostly importing people bearing little human capital. "

"No peaceful solution remains for taking back the country and the government from the leftists, blacks and hispanics. "

"This nation was founded by whites, and as long as whites were a majority, their Founders' vision of limited government, individual responsibility and self-sufficiency were upheld. But the white birthrate has dropped and continues to decline, while nonwhites remain prolific breeders, not to mention the hordes of peons pouring unchecked over the southern border.

The result is inevitable. When whites are outnumbered by nonwhites the nation's standards will sink inexorably to third-world levels. Nonwhites (and most women of any color, for that matter) want government handouts, and will vote for anyone who offers them, i.e. Democrats and socialists (but I repeat myself). "

"The people are waking up, and once affirmative action and compulsory PC end, white people will again become a 90% majority in the US within a couple of generations, because they will have restored to them the birthright every decent nation affords to its own people. "

"When all the white people stop working, who will feed the trolls? He who has the money has the power, eh? So, let's take control of ourselves and let the government rule over their voter base ... have no fear of bad credit and [] relocate to a state where the men are men and where everyone is armed. I don't think the northern states will be a part of the future of the white race. "

"Yes, personal responsibility and financial independence are the hallmarks of being White, and underachiving financially and educationally, and being supported by the State are those of the Blacks. That's not me saying it, but Blacks themselves demonstrating it."

"People of color have many conservative values, and actually only need to be enlightened as to their best interests to form a conservative voting block. "

"Frightened semi-literate minorities are easy prey to people who pander to their starrey-eyed dreams. "

"One thing the GOP can say with complete accuracy, 'at least we're all Americans'. "

"The demographic trends are frightening, because the left in general and the Democrats in particular have been so effective at forging minorities and all sorts of identity groups into huge ethnic voting blocs that are impervious to any considerations beyond identity group or ethnic solidarity. "

"The Demos, the libs, the progressies, all insist that Blacks are so stupid they must have help in passing a test, and must be given much help in getting a job.
I think that the real life situation proves the stupid lefties are right. Other wise the Blacks and Wettt Backkks would be smart enough to join the Tea Party, and the Republican Party. "

"Nearly all blacks and mestizos will remain Democrat, because they need handouts, quotas and soft gubmint jobs to get by ... The masses of the cognitively incapable will feed off the rest of us, and use their political power to keep the racket going. The only way forward is to circle the wagons in your white-majority state, make life on handouts as hard as you can there, and join forces with similar states in seceding from the dysfunctional, doomed USA."

"We must place a moratorium on immigration both legal and illegal."

"...they are real Americans and not hyphenated-Americans..."

"The GOP is the party of the... real American"

Gee, and they wonder why they don't attract minorities. This sample doesn't even include comments by a poster going by "El Rushbo" who seemed clearly fake to me. As a few other posters tried to explain, it's not so much the racists in the GOP, as the rest who say nothing about it, that makes for PR problems. Notice that practically no conservatives in the discussion takes any of these posters to task for these comments. If 5 members of the Klan lynch the black guy living next door to you, and you and your 20 buddies do nothing but stand and watch, you can't be too surprised that the racist label comes your way too. Sometimes inaction speaks as loudly as action.


Frank said...

Good timing!
The New York Times just published an article on the increase of blacks running for office -- for the G.O.P.

It even talks of their opinion of the Tea Party.

Frank said...

One must be careful assuming that a nasty anti-Obama guy at a Tea Party rally, or other conservative rally, is indeed who he claims to be. This fellow was busted:

ScienceAvenger said...

Not really. As is amply evidenced, they were doing stuff like that long before there was any idea to make fun of them via satirical emulation. Most of those commenters post on Townhall all the time. That's sort of why it works, a point that consistently zooms over Teabaggers' and their defenders' heads.

The "they aren't really us" line won't fly. You might as well claim, as David Duke once did, that those doing the lynching weren't the right klan, and didn't represent the rest.