Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tea Party Census Lunacy

An email came my way via the Tea Party crowd on the census, and since I haven't done a dissection recently, I thought I'd shine some light in the darkness on a few choice comments:

In the body of the letter it states;

Your response is important. results from the 2010 Census will be used to help community get its fair share of government funds for highways, schools, health facilities, and many other programs you and your neighbors need. Without a complete, accurate census, your community may not receive its fair share. I urge you to re-read the above paragraph.

Please note where it states, "help community get its fair share of
government funds for highways, schools, health facilities,
and many other programs you and your neighbors need."

Yes, this is known as "promoting the general welfare". It's mentioned in a little document known as the preamble to the Constitution, perhaps you should read it sometime.

Is this or is this not, what Stimulus was for, but we have
yet to see?

Ah, so if you don't see something it doesn't exist? Sort of like "no one was there when life began"? Would you even know it if you saw it? When was the last time you saw something outside your home state anyway? Or are you miseducated enough to think government activity is only legitimate if it helps you personally, or promotes agendas you support? What does the word "democracy" mean to you?

What have we been staunchly protesting? We have
been protesting out of control Govt. spending! Remember the
Corn husker Kickback? The Louisiana Purchase? Who decides
what is our "fair" share? SEIU? ACORN? Obama? Congress?

Um, congress, you know, that group elected by the people to represent and serve the people? Did you sleep through government class in high school? Or did your home school agenda skip that part?

We are all individual Americans and it is up to us, to
decide, as individuals, rather we continue to fall in line
and do as we are told, by this intrusive govt.

If filling out a piece of paper, so that government representatives know who it is they are representing, qualifies as "intrusive government" to you, I suggest you get out more. Most everyone east of the Atlantic, or south of the Rio Grande, would laugh at you.

I will be filling out the 2010 Census, but my response will
be limited to only informing them of how many people reside
in my home. If a 2010 Census worker shows up at my door, I
will have the United States Constitution in hand.

And they will rightly conclude that you have taken leave of your senses. Try reading that wonderful document instead of waving it at public servants in ignorance.


Luke H. said...

I notice these folks read the Constitution the same way that they read their Bibles. (1) It is received wisdom produced by divinely inspired people and so must not be challenged or questioned in any way. (2) Uncertainly and ambiguity is intolerable, and therefore must be replaced by a certain interpretation from a trusted source. (How they determine the trusted source is a mystery to me, but lack of actual knowledge seems to be part of it.) This interpretation is treated as if it were literal and obvious.

So it is the same tedium of trying to argue with them, because they are absolutely certain that their interpretation is exactly correct, even if it goes against 200 years of scholarship and legal precedent.

Pradeep said...

Glad to see you back at it! I enjoy reading your posts.

Morgue said...

Curious: was that an "official" Tea Party letter, or just a guy who considers himself part of it?

ScienceAvenger said...

It was from a Tea Party leader in an area near me. I'm not sure what qualifies as official with regard to that, or whether it matters, unless, of course, Tea Partiers are willing to come forward and damn this document and its contents. That would certainly be refreshing, and would go a long way towards mending divides that are fast passing the point at which that is possible.