Monday, December 7, 2009

Nice Quote on Creationist Doublethink

'Creationists are the only people in the world who could simultaneously think that 6000 years is the entire history of the universe but that the 70 million years of the Cambrian Explosion is “sudden”.' - Reinard.


Vesper said...

It's cute, but it was stated without any thought, for it ignores a key phrase that is implicit. The phrase is: "70 million years of the Cambrian Explosion is “sudden” as far as blind unguided processes is concerned."

Term Papers said...

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ScienceAvenger said...

"Blind unguided processes" is a Creationist buzzphrase, a way of sneaking in the assumption that any process unguided by an intelligence is unguided per se. It's completely unjustified. Mutation is a blind, unguided process. Natural selection guides just fine, as has been demonstrated in the biological labs, as well as computer simulations in AI, and even engineering problems using evolutionary algorithms.