Sunday, July 12, 2009

God Don't Bless the Yankees, I have to take a Piss

Nice to see justice can still be served in America, as Bradford Campeau-Laurion, the guy tossed from Yankee stadium because he decided his bladitorial needs were more important than then standing in his seat for the playing of God Bless America, was awarded a settlement against the guilty cops.

Campeau-Laurion, a Red Sox fan, will also get $10,001 in a separate deal reached with the city because he got the boot from two uniformed cops -- one of whom allegedly told him, "Get out of my country."

Fuck you buddy. Get out of MY country. We don't have government enforced religious observances here. People are free to worship or not according to their own conscience here. It's called The First Amendment, perhaps you've heard of it? Perhaps you'd prefer it in a place that doesn't have such a philosophy, like Saudi Arabia or Iran.


parakeet said...

Why believe in the allegation that a cop said "get out of my country" but not believe the allegation that: "The NYPD insisted that Campeau-Laurion was tossed not for any presumed lack of patriotism but because he was drunk and disorderly."

ScienceAvenger said...

Because there is a long history of cops bringing charges of "drunk and disorderly" or just plain old "disorderly conduct" against people who did't pretend that the cops get to make up the law on the fly and tell you what to do. Cops lie to protect themselves and their own, all the time, a sad truth about our society.

Al in NY said...

I had a beat cop in the theater district come to my theater and ask one of my crew members if he had a bolt cutter and would he cut the lock on a legally chained bike because he doesn't like bikes.

And need anyone be reminded of the incident with Critical Mass in Times Square?