Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fabulous Video on the Difference Between Weather and Climate

If reading technical scientific papers on climate change isn't your thing, watch this video, which covers many of the AGW denialist arguments. He explains what should be obvious, that day-to-day temperature is no indication of planet wide trends, and does it with a nice chart of temperature variations in the US, which while famously cold in the east, is almost as inordinately warm in the west. As usual, once one tosses out the cherry-picking, and looks at all of the data, the denialist case vanishes.

He also gives a good primer on the impact of ocean currents, El Nino and La Nina on the temperature we see. Be sure when you view the chart of gobal temperatures @ the 4:15 mark to note the extraordinarily warm year 1998, and how without it, none of the denialists' "it's been cooling for the last 10 years" arguments would be even slightly reasonable. Again, scratch a denialist hard enough, a cherry-picker will always emerge.

Here's a humorous take on global warming. What that it were so.


Anonymous said...

"I looked outside and it was cold. Therefore, there is no climate change."

C'mon. Anyone can take the most ignorant of his opponent's positions and make fun of it. He's taking the easy way out, and you're following suit, S.A.

ScienceAvenger said...

Sorry, but that's what most of the recent comments from the anti-global warming side amount to. It's not our fault they have nothing intelligent to say.

Anonymous said...

Your first sentence says "most" and your second sentence says "nothing."


ScienceAvenger said...

Pednaticism in lieu of anything intelligent to say.

Go play somewhere else for a while Alex.