Saturday, June 28, 2008

Clintonites for Obama, Morons for McCain because of Obama's Name

In a new poll by AP-Yahoo, 53% of former Hillary supporters now say they would vote for Obama, whereas 23% say they will vote for McCain. This 30% margin is up considerably from April, where it was 16%. However, what really caught my eye was Hillary’s considerable moron contingency (she consistently outpolled Obama among the least educated voters) that McCain has apparently picked up:

The poll responses also show Obama has more work to do to quell fears among voters like Kirstie Hartle of Rome, N.Y., a registered Democrat who has never supported a Republican presidential candidate. With Clinton out of the race, Hartle said, "I'm Republican all the way now."

She said she doesn't like Obama's name and thinks he has a questionable background. She also said she thought Obama was deceitful when he broke from his church after it hurt his campaign, and she doesn't trust him to handle the Iraq war.

"It sounds to me like a Middle Eastern type of name and whether or not he's born here in the United States, he doesn't seem like, to me, somebody who is trustworthy," Hartle said in a telephone interview. "You can't trust anybody these days, so who's to say he's not a terrorist and we just don't realize it yet?"

"I refuse to vote for an Arab to be in my White House," said retired salesman Dean Johnson of Lanett, Ala. "That is the only factor. Otherwise, you couldn't break both my legs and make me vote for a Republican."

It is frightening that such people will be choosing the next leader of the most powerful nation on earth. Please, if you are as ignorant as Mr. Johnson and Ms. Hartle, and are thinking of voting for or against any candidate because of how his name sounds, by all means do the most patriotic thing you can do on November 4th and NOT VOTE. The rest of us are better off without you.

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