Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Atheist Fights for Rights in Military, or Tell me again how Christians are Oppressed

Via Mike Dunford comes this article about the soldier who was harrased by one of his superior officers for having the audacity to attempt to have a meeting of atheists (with the Chaplain's permission, as apparently is required for such things). Here is the complaint:

"On August 7, 2007, plaintiff Hall attempted to conduct and participate in a meeting of individuals who consider themselves atheists, freethinkers, or adherents to non-Christian religions. With permission from an army chaplain, plaintiff Hall posted flyers around COB Speicher [an Army base located near Tikrit, Iraq] announcing the meeting. The meeting attendees included plaintiff Hall, other military personnel and nonmilitary personnel. "

Dunford gives us this description:

"During the course of the meeting, defendant Welborne confronted the attendees, disrupted the meeting and interfered with the plaintiff Hall's and the other attendees' rights to discuss topics of their interests. During the confrontation, and because of plaintiff's actions in organizing the meeting, defendant Welborne threatened plaintiff Hall with an action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and further threatened to prevent plaintiff Hall's reenlistment in the United States Army. "

So all you right-wing whiners, tell me again how it is you think it is Christians who are discriminated against in this country?

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