Friday, May 11, 2007

Idiots of the Week: Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

For their pathetic performance in the recent televised debate on god and evolution, and for their ridiculous short film The Evolution Zone, for making arguments that should embarrass the average 6th grader, for either lying or being too lazy to actually study the targets of their ignorant criticisms, and yes, for that stupid smarmy smirk I've hated for 20 years, I hereby award the Idiot of the Week award to Kirk Cameron and Ray comfort.

Follow the links for ignorance on parade that has to be seen to be believed. Need more? Check out the famous banana video, where Ray, I kid you not, claims the domesticated banana is proof of God's handiwork, and "The Atheists Nightmare". Words don't do it justice, just watch. Check here for a refutation, and for another kind of laugh, here's the porn version.

At the debate with the atheists, Cameron trots out this beauty:

"Science has never found a genuine transitional form that is one kind of animal crossing over into another kind either living, or in the fossil record."

It is amazing to me that people can parrot this lie in public and not have rotten fruit tossed at them. Did Kirk miss all the hubub about Tiktaalik? Tiktaalik is a transitional form between fish and early tetrapods (4-legged animals) that was impressively found exactly where the scientists predicted it would be based on all those measures of geologic time that bother creationists so. That, gentlemen, is scientific verification, something none of you ever seem interested in. Look here for an extensive list of transitional forms for vertebrates of which somehow Mr. Cameron was unaware.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he proceeded to hold up artists renditions of a "crocoduck", a cross between a crocodile and a duck, a "bullfrog", a cross between a bull and a frog Har har, Kirk make joke!, and a "sheepdog". The reaction of the atheists in the debate is priceless. One just mutters "what a numbnuts" while the other just bursts out laughing.

Mr. Cameron, and anyone else who actually thinks this absurdity is some sort of point, the theory of evolution doesn't say that every animal is equally related to every other animal. It says that you and I are more closely related to monkeys than to cows, cows more than reptiles, reptiles more than amphibians, and amphibians more than fish. It also says these relationships are through GRADUAL changes. That means that if anyone did find a bull crossed with a frog, it would DISPROVE modern evolutionary theory, not confirm it. Ditto for sheep crossed with dogs, and ducks crossed with crocodiles.

This sort of thing is not only an embarrasment for our educational system, it is also something it is not called out on enough: arrogant. Thousands of brilliant scientists, over decades, have dedicated much of their lives to studying these issues, earning demanding degrees Messrs. Cameron and Comfort could only dream of earning. They have and are also doing the actual WORK of forming hypotheses, performing falsifiable experimentation (you know, actually gethering evidence and getting their hands dirty), subjecting them to the criticisms of their peers, and keeping up with that information in their fields. The idea of some layman like Cameron or Comfort, or me for that matter, is going to casually study the issue and discover something that ALL of those people missed, is absurd on the face of it. Any objection Cameron and Comfort could raise would be the sort of thing the scientists have dealt with long ago. It would be akin to a two-year-old thinking it can improve a chess master's play. They don't understand enough to ask an interesting question, and they are arrogant to think otherwise.


Gauche said...

Dear Mr. Avenger, great post! I saw this debate and when he pulled out the drawing of the crocoduck, I threw up a little in my mouth. You're doing God's work, my friend.


Wendy Cole said...

Here's the deal - evolution is wrong. While apes may have the general shape as humans, they are not human and will never evolve into a human. The evidence of evolution is this: There are no really smart horses or fish who build skyscrapers and invent computers. Only humans do these things. We are so far away and beyond any animal that it puts the lie to evolution. Man is created in God's image. Period. To not admit that there is a vast unbridgable gap between the animal kingdom and the mankind is to be beyond ridiculous. In that respect you and all other evolutionists far surpass Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort in the parroting lies in public department. They may be ignorant of your science but the truth of their position is irrefutable.

ScienceAvenger said...


Your post stands as yet another confirmation that evolution's critics do not understand it. Modern evolutionary theory does not say that apes will evolve into humans, and indeed if they did it would be a DISproof of evolution, just like a crocoduck would be.

The rest of your post is just a Gish Gallop, made up as if assertions were facts. They aren't.

Anonymous said...

DCM's post was so stupid I thought it might be a Poe. But then again some credophiles are that stupid.
Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort demonstrate this particular lack of comprehension.


Anonymous said...

"here's the deal - evolution is wrong". There are a number of comments repeated ad infinitum (or maybe ad nauseum)by creationists that give away the fact that they actually have no idea what they are on about. For example "There's not enough time for evolution to have taken place." "There are no / not enough transitional fossils", "I'll believe it when a chimp gives birth to a human baby" etc etc. Comments like these tell you someone has been getting all their 'information' from AIG or a similar dishonest and disreputable source.
The flat-out statement that it is "Wrong", however, displays an ignorance and arrogance that is truly breathtaking. Mankind is more intellegent that the animals? Really? My cat has a higher IQ than DCM - it's truly a wonder they have the sense to remember to breathe.