Saturday, April 14, 2007

Taxes for the Iraq War?

Mike Dunford, scienceblogger and husband of an active army officer, wrote this powerful letter to his representatives and senators.

He raises a very interesting point. With the absence of the draft, the war truly splits the population into those that are personally involved and those who are not. There are no signs as one walks down main street America that we are at war except for a few yellow ribbons on SUVs. There is even discussion of bringing back the draft.

I wouldn't go so far as that, even though I am now thankfully beyond the danger age, and have no dog in that hunt. The draft takes away the populace's most powerful force against a war: the refusal to fight it. The second most powerful force is the refusal to pay for it. And obviously the Democrats lack the political will to do the job.

So let's put it out there for honest discussion. No more pushing off the debt to the next generation. We are in the best position to decide if this, or any, war is worth fighting, which means some of us will die and most of us will pay the bill. If those who support continued action in Iraq win the debate and raise the necessary taxes, well, that's the way our system of representative democracy works. It's not perfect, but it's better than all the others. And if America, most of America, isn't willing to make the necessary sacrifices to fund and fight the war here and now, well then, it's time to end it, now.

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